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5 Things to keep in mind to attend Fair in China


Author:Francesco Gervasio

If you are a buyer working with chinese suppliers, sooner or later You’ll attend fair in China. Here is a list of things to keep in mind:

1) Bring with you a memo book.

The memo book is the key,the most useful thing during a fair. you can write your notes, staple business card, everything you need to remember after fair is there.

2) Bring with you a great number of business cards.

Chinese suppliers want to know who they are speaking to (company, title, position, office address) before they start speaking with them. Remember You should present and receive cards with both hands.

3)Ask your suppliers to give you their booth number.

The buildings and pavillions in China fairs are very big, so if you want to save your feet be sure to know your supplier’s booth number. Furthermore, usually the company name on the fair guide, or on the top of booth, is different from that of the real exhibitor, so it's almost impossible to find it.

4)Schedule meeting in advance! save your time!

Causing a great number of visitors it's better to arrange an appointment Optimizing your time during the fair. Chinese suppliers are on time 

5)What are you waiting for? Ask to visit factory!

If you want to know more about company and items ask your supplier for visiting showroom or factory. Most of exhibitors have showrooms or factories near the fair. they are very hospitables. They surely will be ready to pick up you everywhere and arrange the trip to their showroom.